Mountainbike Concept: Baiersbronn

The region of Baiersbronn in the Black Forest is an exemplary demonstration of how mountain biking can work in Baden Württemberg, a region with notoriously strict laws that prohibit mountain biking on trails less than 2 metre wide. However, Baiersbronn have recently established a unique approach to tourism that focuses on fostering the cohesion of all outdoor space and trail users. Hikers and mountain bikers will, at times, be on the same trails. The region has now incorporated more than 400 km of networked trails with 11 routes of varying difficulties for mountain bikers into the current trailscape, with up to 33% categorized as trails. Each route is meticulously sign-posted and its difficulty denoted visibly. Route decisions can be made using the region’s own app, which also provides navigation while out riding. The region caters for all abilities, and trail-loving riders with families will be spoilt for choice. For a region with such complex laws surrounding trail usage, Baiersbronn have taken a marked step forward for mountain biking tourism. An exemplary case, Baiersbronn are also demonstrating how tourist destinations can apply a thoroughly modern concept to attract new target markets.