All Winner 2017 E-MTBs

Moustache Samedi 27 Race 9

Moustache’s main aim when developing the Samedi 27 Race 9 was to permanently plaster a wicked grin on the rider’s face. As such, the carbon-framed beauty is a devilishly fun bike to ride. The French brand won’t reveal exactly how much this frame material choice has boosted the bike’s rigidity compared to its ancestor, but it certainly doesn’t come up short in stiffness – for Moustache, the way it handles is more than enough to quash any argument. The Samedi 27 Race 9 comes sporting a super-clean look, with a fully integrated Bosch battery and cover. The brand’s love for detail is evident through the frame’s aesthetics, the all-round top spec, and Moustache’s in-house, purpose-built asymmetrical rims. In our eyes, the ‘Just Carbon’ slogan emblazoned on the toptube could be swapped for ‘Just a Great Bike’ without anyone batting an eyelid.

Weight: 22.32 kg | Price: € 6,799