All Winner 2021 Mountainbikes


Innovation meets tradition – with the NICOLAI SATURN 14 GPI, worlds collide. The traditional, hand-welded aluminium frame uses all the tricks in the book and doesn’t just stand out from the masses with its looks and top-end quality. The highlight is the uncompromising integration of the Pinion gearbox and the Gates belt drive, which don’t just reduce servicing for the bike but also influence the handling to a large degree. Without a cassette at the rear and with the central gearbox, the unsprung mass is reduced and more weight is placed closer to the centre of gravity. This combined with the Geolution geometry ensures a very smooth and stable ride. Uphill, the bike scores with its excellent riding position and the gearbox, with its massive 600% range. In the configurator, this made in Germany bike can be equipped and finished in the way you desire. If that wasn’t enough, you can also adjust the geometry of the Saturn 14 GPI extensively with NICOLAI’s Mutator system. NICOLAI will visit potential customers at home to let you go for a test ride on your home trails. This comprehensive and dedicated package is one-of-a-kind and doesn’t just make the bike special, but the company behind it too!

Price: from € 6,749 | Weight: 15.01 kg