All Winner 2019 Equipment (Road)

Oakley Flight Jacket

For many years, Oakley has dominated the sports eyewear market. Their contrast-enhancing Prizm lenses, not least of which, have proven of how Oakley is constantly developing its position as an innovator. No matter how good the lenses, though, all eyewear seems to have the same reoccurring problem: at slow speeds with a build-up of heat, on a climb, for example, the lenses tend to fog up. With Oakley’s innovative Advancer technology, the U.S. company now presents a sophisticated approach to heat and moisture management. A small lever above the nose bridge of the Flight Jacket lifts the glasses, increasing the distance between your face and the glasses, allowing noticeably more air to circulate. The glasses can thereby remain on your face even when climbing up long passes, protecting your eyes from flies and other flying objects. Also, the frameless design at the upper end of the glasses significantly increases your field of vision – which is a great advantage in aerodynamic riding positions.

Weight: 32 g | Price: € 212