All Winner 2017 Equipment (Road)

Oakley Radar Pace

The Radar Pace is the future of training; see it as your new personal trainer. Given the constant stream of data that we record with each ride, wouldn’t it be good to have a competent coach or analyst on board for a blow-by-blow breakdown? That’s exactly where the product developers at Oakley have stepped in with the Radar Pace. The high-tech glasses serve as an innovative digital coach that gives live feedback during your ride in encouraging tones. Linked to your smartphone, the initial setup and menu selection are intuitive and easy, but the Radar’s reliance on your phone does have an inevitable strain on its battery. Based on the training goals that you feed it, Radar is able to interpret and build on your efforts, sagely letting you know when to push and when to chill out on the bike. They’re an irrefutably clever piece of kit that teams data mining, customized training plans, and entertainment all in one slick, compact, on-the-go package.

Weight: 56 g | Price: € 439