Equipment (Offroad)

OneUp Components EDC System

The EDC Set from OneUp doesn’t just substitute your star-fangled nut for a simpler setup – it also claims storage space in your steerer so you never need be without essential tools on a ride. What’s more, the amount of tools that OneUp can stow in this small space verges on mind-blowing. Alongside seven differently sized Allen keys, a T25 torx key, and a flat head screwdriver, there’s also space for a chain tool, a quick-link and replacement bolts, tire levers, and a valve and spoke key. Additionally, you can mount a CO2 canister or a sealed container for any small bits and pieces. Weighing just 227 g, the EDC system is the realisation of a very smart idea from OneUp. Those who invest € 82 in this tool and top cap will never again be caught short without key tools on a ride.

Weight: 112 g (tool), 15 g (topcap + insert), 18 g (all spacers included) | Price: € 82 (set: tool + topcap)