All Winner 2021 Equipment (Road)

POC Devour Clarity

With the POC Devour Clarity, the name says it all: these glasses offer crystal clear vision regardless of the situation and conditions. Even on the steepest mountain passes in high humidity and at maximum effort, these glasses don’t fog up – something the award jury has never experienced before. The Clarity lens provides pleasant contrast enhancement without being overtly noticeable. With a field of view that rivals that of goggles, the POC Devour Clarity offers unbeatable peripheral vision and along with its genius ventilation system, combines the advantages of normal glasses with the massive field of view of goggles. With adjustable nose pads and temples, who’s length can also be changed, the fit can be adjusted to any face shape and size. The temples curve around the back of the ears and fit snugly, which improves comfort enormously. Thanks to the combination of immunity against fogging up, massive field of view, clever adjustability, effective protection against wind and high level of comfort, the POC Devour Clarity glasses more than earned their award!

Price: € 249 | Weight: 40 g