All Winner 2021 Equipment (Offroad)

POC Kortal Race MIPS Helmet

With the Kortal Race Mips helmet, POC have redefined the safety features available on bike helmets. Alongside protection from impacts and shock absorption, the Kortal Race is equipped with a RECCO reflector to make it easier to locate the rider in limited visibility. On top of that, the integrated NFC chip lets medical information be quickly read electronically by first responders. The helmet is certified under the current Dutch NTA 8776 ebike standard, which is conducted with higher average impact energies than other tests. Along with the break-away peak and the helmet’s generous coverage, it is also designed to protect from rotational forces with its integrated MIPS technology. POC combine state of the art protection technologies in their helmet to provide a higher level of safety. When used with goggles, the helmet also proves its well-considered design. Goggles sit securely, there’s enough space available to store them under the peak and the straps don’t block any ventilation channels.

Price: € 249| Weight: 397 g