All Winner 2021 Equipment (Road)

POC Ventral Lite

With the Ventral Lite, POC prove just how much technology and innovation can fit into a helmet. The large ventilation channels and ducts ensure that air constantly cools your head, even at slow speeds up steep mountain passes. Rarely has the jury kept such a cool head while pushing uphill at maximum effort. The modern and aerodynamic look lends the Ventral Lite a timeless appearance and with a choice of eight different colours, there’s a model for everyone. Thanks to a clever fit, the helmet will suit a wide variety of head shapes. The new helmet from the innovation-driven Swedish company is so light that it stays securely in place and it’s hardly surprising that you often forget you’re even wearing it. The jury agreed: the POC Ventral Lite earned a Design & Innovation Award 2021 thanks to its featherlight weight, good fit and exceedingly high level of comfort.

Price: € 270 | Weight: 190 g