All Winner 2020 Technology & App

PowUnity BikeTrax

With their BikeTrax GPS tracker, PowUnity want to put an end to ebike theft. The tracker can be easily retrofitted to almost any ebike and is intended to complement a conventional lock. Install the GPS tracker, download the app and register. Done! Now you can locate your ebike at all times and also use the tracker to record your rides. In case of suspicious and unauthorized movement, the app will alert you and track the stolen bike within the EU. Tracking works via a SIM card, which is connected to the main battery of your ebike. Should the thieves remove the bike’s main battery, an integrated rechargeable battery ensures that normal operation is maintained. The tracker is small enough to fit under the motor cover, hidden away from view. The simple installation, easy operation and sophisticated features convinced the entire award jury.

Weight: 38 g | Price: € 199,90