All Winner 2019 Equipment (Offroad)

PRAEP ProPilot

Let’s be honest: When the first snowcaps appear on the summits and bike parks start closing their gates and switch over to skiing, most riders move onto the couch with a bag of chips. You’ll know all about it in the spring after your first day back on the trails, when your muscles are so stiff you can hardly walk. With the cleverly designed PRAEP ProPilot training device, you’ll start off next season much better prepared. The ProPilot deeply and specifically targets mountain bike specific muscle groups through instability. The ProPilot App also keeps you motivated, setting training goals and tracking your progress. All in all, the device offers three levels of difficulty, from “difficult“ to “extremely difficult and wobbly“. You can use your own handlebars on the ProPilot but the Gym-Edition comes with a handlebar that gives you numerous grip positions to train certain muscle groups even more intensely. The ProPilot turns monotonous workouts into fun and efficient training sessions, improving your coordination and stamina on the bike.

Weight: 938 g | Price: from € 69