All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad) Equipment (Offroad)

Pure Electric DIAMOND JKT

As E-bikes (and especially S-Pedelecs) can reach higher speeds, the issue of safety is one that needs to be tackled – but it’s a thorny topic given the wide spectrum of abilities and levels of physical fitness of riders. Previously, those who wanted sufficient protection were faced with a choice between sweat-inducing motorbike jackets or over-sized protective vests borrowed from the world of extreme sports. However, the launch of the DIAMOND JKT from the Italian brand Pure Electric aims to shake up the scene. While borrowing visual cues from motorbiking jackets, the DIAMOND JKT is constructed from significantly lighter weight materials. The shoulders and elbows feature removable protective pads, and alongside its sophisticated and urban aesthetic, the jacket sports a well-crafted fit with bike-specific features such as space for a bladder on the back. It arguably comes with a steep price tag, but you can’t really put a value on safety.

Weight: 1,409 g | Price: € 699