All Winner 2019 Equipment (Road)

Racer E-Cover

The Racer E-Cover, a heatable pair of overshoes, is probably the most sensible upgrade for everyone who wants keep riding during the cold months. The Softshell neoprene overshoe is relatively slim and comes with a 2,200 mAh Li-Ion battery, which is sufficient for up to six hours of continuous operation. You have the option of adding a second battery to each shoe, effectively doubling the run-time to 12 hours. The heating zone of the overshoe is around the frontal areas of the foot and toes, concentrating on the areas of the foot that are most exposed to wind and weather. The rider can choose between four different heat modes. A microprocessor built into the overshoe takes over the temperature management, which prevents continuous heating and thus increases battery life and efficiency. Completing the package, you’ve got smart features such as reflective logos for increased visibility and a waterproof zipper on the back to easily slip them over your shoes, compatible with 99 % of shoes available on the market.

Weight: 390 g (batteries included) | Price: € 219.95