All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes

Radon Jealous 10.0 SL

As a discipline, cross-country is getting tougher and tougher, with rider and machine pushed to their limits on race circuits. In a successful bid to counter the growing challenge, Radon have created an XC bike that excels over rocks and roots, giving a valiant push to transform regular riders into potential podium placers. To reach a frame weight of just 890 g, Radon have relied on a new type of carbon fiber which comes at no cost to the bike’s stiffness or stability (the bike still meets the stringent DIN Plus standard). Long and slack geometry generates a bike with predictable, stable, and direct handling, while its spec list reads like a high-end who’s who. The bike channels another of Radon’s killer characteristics: value for money. Jealousy has never been so appealing, and your next podium place is likely to be within grasp with this bike.

Weight: 8.54 kg | Price: € 4,999