All Winner 2022 Components (Offroad)

Reserve Wheels Fillmore Valve

Reserve Wheels have reinvented the valve, simplifying tubeless setups significantly by increasing air flow dramatically and eliminating clogging and sealant build up with its patented poppet design. Say hello to the all-new Fillmore Valve. Ordinary tubeless valves rely on the conventional Presta design, which have remained unchanged for decades and doen’t address the special requirements of tubeless setups. The orifice inside the Fillmore Valve, on the other hand, has been moved inside the rim bed and is significantly larger, enabling up to three times as much airflow. As a result, a floor pump is usually all you need to get your tubeless tires seated, negating the need for a compressor or canister style pump. Moreover, the valve core doesn’t even have to be removed to fill the tire with sealant as it simply allows the sealant to flow through. Topping up with air or deflating the tire slightly is easier than ever thanks to the large valve cap. To drop the tire pressure by a few PSI, just unscrew the cap by one full rotation and give it a tap, all of which you can do without as much as taking your gloves off. The valves are compatible with all conventional pumps, so there’s nothing to stop you from making the upgrade.

Price: € 49.99 | Weight: 11 g