All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

Reynolds Blacklabel 27.5” Plus

The lovely Reynolds Blacklabel 27.5 Plus carbon wheels go way beyond being a chic attention-grabbing part on your bike by bringing a performance that’s on par with their high-end looks. Given the fact that they’re plus-size wheels with a 40 mm interior diameter, the Blacklabel are awe-inspiringly light at just 1,858 g and still take to the trails with impressive rigidity and a stable hookless rim design. The wheels feature 28 Sapim CX-Ray spokes and are compatible with all axle and freehub body standards. It’s on the technical climbs that you’ll be most thankful for the near instanateous engagement angle of just 3°, which means the freehub engages super rapidly to counteract the wallow of the plus-size tires when starting to pedal. In short, they’re lively and direct when riding and in terms of strength to weight, these have it nailed.

Weight: 1,858 g | Price: € 2,299