All Winner 2020 Technology & App

Riese & Müller RX Connect

With their pioneering RX Connect concept, Riese & Müller deliver a number of digital services and thus provide safety, efficiency and comfort for ebikes. Thanks to the integrated RX chip, which is powered by the main ebike battery, the bike is always online and thus trackable. Communication happens via NarrowBand IoT technology, which ensures low battery consumption and a high communication range. This also allows for easy and automatic over-the-air updates. Additional services such as crash detection, parking position, theft replacement and an insurance policy that covers the bike across Europe can be individually booked via the online portal. The RX Connect concept enables smart networking between ebikes and allows Riese & Müller to advance the future developments of intelligent and networked mobility and actively shape the future of urban transport infrastructure.

Price: from € 139.90 per year