All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

RockShox Deluxe and Super Deluxe rear shock

Air spring rear shocks went to the next level when RockShox dropped the Deluxe and Super Deluxe models. Based on the new metric standards, these models were essentially developed from the ground up to out every single potential benefit. It’s worked: the metric sizing allows for bigger air can overlap, which teams with the new seals and bearings to provide more durability, more sensitivity and notable improvements to performance. The new Trunnion mount option not only allows for more contact but also lets RockShox shorten the length of the actual shock. As a result, the lower toptube not only gives more room for you to play, it also means bike engineers have more liberty when it comes to frame dimensions. Believe us when we say the next few years look exciting.

Weight: 344 g (Deluxe), 458g (Super Deluxe) | Price: € 447 (Deluxe), € 573 (Super Deluxe)