Mountain Bikes


A stellar enduro bike for experienced riders who won’t accept any compromises on the descents, the ROSE PIKES PEAK is made with a lightweight carbon frame that bears the brand’s clever PROGEO system that adjusts both the geometry and the progression at the rear end. A major asset on long climbs, it’s even better on tricky descents. In the slacker setting, the PIKES PEAK is buttery smooth. The 165 mm of rear travel takes more than just the edge off all sizes of hits and gives ample feedback. Those short chainstays and low weight contribute to the PIKES PEAK’s agility, which is what makes it such a versatile beast. Lesser-skilled bike handlers might struggle to keep enough consistent weight over the front wheel, so only advanced, more hands-on riders are likely to fully benefit from this bike in all its glory. There are three models available, each very fairly priced, and they can all be custom specced in the configurator.

Weight: 13.16 kg | Price: € 4,799