All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes


ROSE are proof that you don’t have to constantly reimagine the concept of bikes. A classic rig in their line-up, the ROOT MILLER 29 has been brought bang up to date for the new season. Now sporting a longer frame, more travel, and the adoption of the Boost rear axle standard for stiffness, the ROOT MILLER 29 has taken on some subtle revisions that pack a big punch to its performance. Down-to-earth in many ways, this trail bike marries grin-cementing fun with composure and stability. Its suspension and geometry are both incredibly balanced, which is only to be expected from ROSE. Crammed with intelligent features, the fairly priced bike can be customized online or in person at one of the two ROSE BIKETOWNS. It’s an all-round great rig that’s worth a closer look.

Weight: 12.82 kg | Price: € 4,270