All Winner 2017 Road Bikes

Santa Cruz Stigmata CX1

This bike is brimming with self-confidence, and rightly so: its riding performance and design credentials certainly justify a little self-belief. The DI.A crew were almost lost for words when it came to the Stigmata CX1, before eventually confirming that it’s as though you’ve taken a classic cyclocross bike, kitted it out with state-of-the-art technology, and catapulted it into the future. It’s stiff and light enough for the tarmac, while comfortable and quick off-road. Steering is direct and responsive, meaning that tight, narrow trails are more than within its repertoire. The Zipp components are stylish and slick. From our point of view however, carbon components would have created a better match with the high end frame and the superb wheel set. Tore clearance goes up to 40c which may not be vast, but enough for all those who aren’t into the gravel plus movement.

Weight: 7.93 kg | Price: € 8,099