All Winner 2019 Components (Offroad)

Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Superflow

There are many light carbon saddles on the market. However, weight savings usually come at the expense of durability and comfort. The high-quality Selle Italia X-LR Kit Carbonio Superflow is one of the few saddles that manages to implement a sensible compromise. Thanks to its varying thickness, multi-layer padding and the generous recess for relieving pressure on the perineal area, you’ll be able to master long days in the saddle with comfort. Although the saddle is very compact, giving a lot of freedom of movement, it offers two sitting positions: the dropped nose allows the rider to slide far forward on steep climbs to assume a very aggressive position. The carbon used for the shell and the rails saves weight but offers only a small range of adjustment. With its excellent quality and comfort, the Selle Italia X-LR isn’t only suitable for racers, but also for trail and enduro riders.

Weight: 131 g | Price: € 239.99