All Winner 2017 Components (Road)


If you thought that innovations could only exist in carbon or titanium, then think again. Often it’s the small things that can create the biggest impact; just take the SIGMA BRAKELIGHT, for example. Correctly mounted, the € 7.95 brake light makes a drastic improvement to safety for anyone riding mechanical rim brakes. It’s simple to mount and there’s minimal extra resistance to counter on the brake lever – unless, of course, you’re a five-stone weakling. People riding behind you in the pack will appreciate the fact that they can now see when you are braking. This being said, the SIGMA BRAKELIGHT doesn’t replace your regular rear light; it’s just a sensible idea for urban riding, and perhaps one day everyone will have one (just look at indicators on motorbikes).

Weight: 7 g | Price: € 7.95