All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad) Equipment (Road)

SILCA SuperPista Ultimate

Certain products have an aura about them that hints at an eternal lifespan. The SuperPista Ultimate track pump from SILCA screams of this, and includes a twenty-five year warranty to get you started. From the rosewood grips to the pin-sharp accuracy of the pressure gauge and the engineering of the pump head, the exquisitely made SuperPista Ultimate is a class above the competition and a dream realized in metal. The same applies to its performance, with each valve slotting into the nozzle with buttery smooth precision. The pressure is easy to dial in thanks to the unflinching accuracy of the gauge – plus you get two gauges with each pump, making it suitable for road and MTB tire pressures. With a € 550 price tag, you’ll not only take home an expertly made pump with sky-high standards of quality and performance, but also a lust-worthy design object which will be the envy of your friends.

Weight: 2,399 g | Price: € 549