All Winner 2019 Components (Road)


When it comes to purchasing new components for your bike, compliance and comfort should rarely be overlooked. Instead of optimising carbon layers, Spank pursues an innovative and unconventional approach with the FLARE 25: to prevent vibration-related fatigue in your forearms and hands, they inject a specially developed foam into the galvanised aluminium handlebar. The vibrations of the handlebars are muted, which increases comfort, especially on gravel roads with lots of small irregularities. The additional weight of this construction method compared to conventional methods is negligible at approx. 50 g. For weight-weenies, however, it might be a KO criterion. Regarding geometry, the oversized 31.8 mm Flare 25 is bang up to date with a reach of 65 mm, a drop of 110 mm, a 25° flare. An exciting concept that has already proven itself in the componentry brand’s mountain bike handlebars and rims.

Weight: 368 g | Price: € 109