All Winner 2021 Components (Road)

SQlab 613 Ergowave R Carbon

SQlab are well-known for their ergonomic accessories and saddles which are perfectly designed for the human anatomy and now, they have also recognised the specific demands triathletes have of a bike saddle. In triathlon, aggressive positions and long ride times often mean saddle complaints, which is supposed to come to an end here! The SQlab 613 ERGOWAVE R Carbon is available in three sizes to suit different sit bone widths and with its narrow and short nose, prevents your thighs from rubbing on the saddle. The firm padding offers very good damping and generates lots of comfort even over long periods. For optimal power transfer, the rear section is raised to offer triathletes more support and something to push against. The optional integrated bottle mount on the underside of the saddle is a handy feature for longer rides.

Price: € 249.95 | Weight: 176 g (11 cm), 181 g (12 cm), 183 g (13 cm)