All Winner 2019 Components (Offroad)

SQlab 7OX

With the SQlab 7OX, ergonomic grips enter the world of gravity. For optimum grip and damping in rough terrain, the 7OX grip is available in two sizes, thereby allowing this important contact point to be optimised for the size of the rider’s hand. In order to increase the damping of the forces on the outside of the hand, the grip is only clamped to the handlebar on the inside. In favour of better vibration damping, they’ve opted for softer materials on the outer area of the grip. On the trail, the ergonomically shaped texture zones noticeably relieve the little finger, the ring finger and the middle finger, allowing you to control the bike without straining your hands and thereby counteracting the dreaded arm pump on long descents.

Weight: 144 g | Price: € 29.95