Components (Road)


The SRAM RED eTap HRD sets new standards: it has the most intuitive shifting logic on the market and appeals to both newcomers with sufficient funds and pros who are riding on the limit every day. The big and easily accessible shifting levers have a very defined pressure point, which allows for safe and precise shifting even under difficult conditions – whether riding the cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix or conquering wintery mountain passes wearing chunky gloves. The 2,488g groupset shifts with speed and precision; however, in our opinion it could be even faster. The ergonomics and slender design of the shift/brake levers left the award team totally satisfied, as did the powerful braking performance, which also offered impressive modulation. The icing on the brake cake is SRAM’s Bleeding Edge technology, which makes the brake bleeding process easy and uncomplicated. But what happens if the battery runs out? Thanks to two independent but interchangeable batteries, the RED eTap HRD offers the highest level of safety and reliability.

Weight 2,488 g Price € 3,039