All Winner 2020 Components (Offroad)

SRAM & RockShox AXS technology

AXS is SRAM’s latest wireless communication technology for groupsets and dropper posts and also the pioneering wireless system in the mountain bike segment. Thanks to its sophisticated technology and direct shifting performance, AXS allows for super-fast gear shifts – from the lowest to the highest gear – without damaging the rear derailleur. The design is unique and your cockpit will look cleaner than ever. The ergonomically shaped levers ensure intuitive use and gear changes are made immediately. Moreover, the shift-logic can be individualised via SRAM’s app. With AXS, the unpleasant noise of cables clattering against the frame are a thing of the past. And if this wasn’t good enough, the groupset is very easy to install. If you’re afraid of ending up with an empty battery mid ride, you can relax because an LED display will warn you of a low battery in good time. However, should you ever get stuck without power, you can simply remove the compatible battery from the wireless RockShox Reverb dropper post, which lasts a lot longer, and stick it into the rear derailleur to get home. SRAM’s innovative AXS technology is proof that even in the mountain biking segment, electronic wireless technology can indeed help improve the performance of your bike whilst making it easier and more fun to use.

Price: € 2,000 SRAM AXS / € 800 RockShox Reverb AXS