All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

Stan’s NoTubes Arch MK3

The Arch MK3 wheels from Stan’s NoTubes strike the balance between high levels of stiffness and well-engineered flex. Adopting a special spoke profile, these wheels are able to steer with razor-sharp precision across even the bumpiest terrain, holding the trail like a sniffer dog. In the pursuit of durability, Stan’s NoTubes veered away from a minimal engagement angle on the freehub body, instead opting for a more rugged construction that sees the power transferred via four larger teeth that engage in synch. Lightweight at just 1,709 g and retailing for € 699, the Arch MK3 present a viable alternative to more expensive carbon wheels – plus, their recyclable aluminium construction is kinder to the environment.

Weight: 1,709 g | Price: € 699