All Winner 2020 Urban

Stromer ST5

The Stromer ST5 is an urban and incredibly sporty high-end S-pedelec, which promises to convert your boring daily commute into a fun, fast and stylish experience. The design is elegant, the cable and light integration very neat and the handling playful and smooth – even at high speeds. The Stromer rear hub motor delivers an overwhelming amount of power and allows you to reach a speed of 45 km/h, even on smooth uphills. The Swiss brand delivers its ST5 model with integrated theft protection, that comprises a GPS tracking sensor and a Smartlock, which is controlled via smartphone. A regenerative brake system ensures low wear of the pads and good brake control and also helps increase the range. The tires and fork of this stylish S-pedelec can be configured according to your personal liking and the motor settings can be customized too. The appealing look, pleasant ride and top integration of the Stromer ST5 are second to none and convinced all of our jury members.

Weight: 30.46 kg (Size 20”) | Price: € 9,490