All Winner 2021 Components (Road)

Supernova M99 MINI PRO B54

Supernova have added a battery-powered version of their established and successful M99 light – the M99 Mini PRO B54. The lamp can be connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth to display the available modes and remaining runtime for each brightness setting. You can also select further useful features to improve the battery life orimprove everyday usefulness. A light sensor in the battery means the light can switch on automatically at the onset of darkness. In terms of light output, the Supernova M99 Mini PRO B54 doesn’t have to shy away from anyone. Even on the most winding trails, the light’s high-beam turns night to day. The low-beam, which can be comfortably activated with a bar-mounted button, has a specially shaped dipped beam to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. It was quickly clear to the jury that this great lamp, in combination with its innovative app and sensor features, more than earned an award. Whether for commuters or night riders, the Supernova M99 Mini PRO B54 is the perfect choice!

Price: € 539 | Weight: 446 g (with mount and trigger); 23 g (mount only)