All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)

Supernova MINI 2 PRO

The Supernova MINI 2 PRO is a high beam headlamp for ebikers and also the smallest StVZO-approved front light in its class. With its powerful high-beam function with a peak output of 550 lumen and a wide beam angle, the MINI 2 PRO lights up the trails on exciting night outings on rough terrain. The clever anti-glare function makes you visible to oncoming traffic without blinding other road users. The MINI 2 PRO is the perfect upgrade kit: it’s easy to install, compatible with all 12V motor light-ports and weighs just 126g. With a number of different holders and remotes, Supernova prove that they are constantly listening to their customers’ needs. The magnetic switch can be placed anywhere on the bars and there’s even a dedicated Ergon switch with integrated holder available. An incredibly small and powerful light – bring on the next commute or night ride!

Weight: 126 g | Price: € 199