All Winner 2017 Equipment (Road)

Sweet Protection Falconer Aero

With the well-ventilated and hip-looking 336 g Falconer Aero helmet, the Norwegian brand Sweet Protection have created a clever 2-in-1 package for the roads that effortlessly goes from speed to style. The Falconer Aero can be transformed from a well-ventilated road lid into a full aero helmet simply by clipping in the two magnetic aero covers. The helmet features additional ventilation on the forehead, channeling air past key heat-sensitive zones on the head as you grind your way up long mountain passes. On cooler rides with a lot of wind chill, the magnetic covers also provide essential protection against the elements. This helmet is the first foray onto the roads for Sweet Protection, whose roots were originally in snowboarding, but their cool style and attitude is more than welcome in the cycling world.

Weight: 336 g | Price: € 269