All Winner 2021 Urban

Tern GSD R14

The Tern GSD R14 is the Swiss Army knife amongst cargo bikes. With numerous builds and cargo options, together with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 200 kg, there are almost no limits to your transportation. The modular construction lets the ebike carry your shopping, two children or one grown up on the back seat. The height-adjustable, foldable cockpit and the telescoping seatpost make it possible to adjust the ebike for riders between 150 and 195 cm tall, as well as allowing the bike to fit inside an SUV. Countless functional features like the lockable bike stand or the passenger handlebars simplify the unwieldiness that’s inherent to many cargo bikes and increase its ease of use. The Tern GSD R14 understands how to cater to the most diverse requirements of families and commuters and innovatively solves everyday problems. That means the Tern GSD R14 is equipped for all transportation scenarios and offers genuine ease and utility to every situation.

Price: € 8,599 | Weight: 37,3 kg