Components (Offroad)


With soaring levels of power, the TQ HPR 120S makes every other e-bike motor look dated! With 120 Nm of constant torque, the motor lends mind-blowing acceleration to any bike. TQ has designed the motor and gearbox in a compact, round case only 144 millimeters in diameter, demanding very little space. Thanks to its enormous power, it’s capable of darting up steep climbs and transporting heavy loads. No surprise then that TQ also offer the HPR 120S for S-Pedelecs and cargo bikes as well as regular e-bikes. But all this power wouldn’t be anything without control, which is why one will appreciate both the five levels of pedal-assist and the impressive power modulation from rider input. For e-bike riders concerned about resistance when the motor is deactivated or when you’re over the legal 25 km/h limit for regular e-bikes, there’s no need to worry, as the TQ HPR 120S has a freewheel clutch rendering it imperceptible when not in use.

Weight: 3,880 g | Price: premium segment