All Winner 2023 Components (Offroad)


The TQ-HPR50 e-bike system around the compact and super-quiet HPR50 motor enables a whole new generation of Light e-bikes. The motor is built to the highest standards and develops its power very harmoniously, ensuring a super-natural ride feeling while still providing effective support with minimal weight penalty. However, the excellent riding performance isn’t the only highlight: thanks to its compact dimensions, the TQ-HPR50 can be integrated discreetly around the bottom bracket area of the bike, ensuring a very slim frame silhouette and thus giving engineers plenty of freedom with frame designs. With bikes like the SIMPLON Rapcon TQ and Trek Fuel EXe, for example, it’s hard to tell the electric version apart from its analogue counterpart. As a result, the system is extremely versatile, allowing for a wide range of electric bikes, including eMTBs, e-road bikes and even e-urban bikes. Moreover, the small display and minimalistic remote can be discreetly integrated into the bikes.

Price: n/a
Weight: 3,900 g