All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes

Trek Slash 9.9 29 Race Shop Limited

The Trek Slash 9.9 29 is the ultimate enduro bike to do battle on the world’s most demanding race tracks. The combination of long-travel suspension, aggressive geometry, and big wheels transforms the Slash into a precise rocket with the clout to push the rider’s limits to the maximum. Its distinguished silhouette evolves from large tubes, a bold paint job, and verging-on-geometric design. Trek have teamed tried-and-tested features like the ABP technology (to glean maximum traction while braking) with fresh innovation like their Straight-Shot downtube (to boost stiffness). The result is impressive – and fully rivalled by the Slash’s spec, which is totally on point. The Trek Slash 9.9 29 demands no excuses. It’s a bike for winning races – it just needs the right rider.

Weight: 13,63 kg | Price: 7.499 €