All Winner 2019 Urban


Anyone who has ever lost the key to their bike lock knows, it is extremely unpleasant to free your own bike with a bolt cutter under the critical gaze of passers-by. With the fingerprint sensor of the ULAC TRON-XD, this is a thing of the past. After an intuitive registration of your own fingerprint directly on the lock and without the need of an additional app, the U-lock offers the ultimate security for your bike. According to the manufacturer, you should be able to open the 2,200 times with one battery charge. If the battery does happen to run flat, the supplied key can open the lock as usual. Alternatively, you can use a power bank and a micro-USB cable to temporarily recharge the lock. The TRON-XD is probably the most trend-setting lock on the bicycle market

Weight: 561 g | Price: € 76