All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)


Relying on the brand’s innovative ‘No Dancing Monkey’ carrying system, the USWE AIRBORNE stays firmly on the rider’s back no matter how burly the trails are. With a ton of fine-tuning options for fit, the AIRBORNE is capable of conforming to the whole spectrum of physiques. The AIRBORNE’s design is well thought-out, seeing it fit tightly to the body yet still giving the rider the freedom of movement necessary to get loose. When temperatures and techy feats of riding are on the rise, the AIRBORNE regulates the rider’s back temperature superbly, keeping a decent airflow on climbs and descents. Alongside a watertight pocket for essentials, like your smartphone, there’s also the option to attach a rear light and a mounting system for a full face or open-face helmet. As a serious trail riding backpack, the USWE AIRBORNE delivers the whole package – and damn well!

Weight: 853 g (incl. bladder) | Price: € 149.95