All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)

VAUDE Uphill 12 LW

Shaving off those crucial grams when it comes to your bike is like a religion, so it’s always good to see when brands are on your side. The Uphill 12 LW from Vaude isn’t just a 365 g featherweight, it’s also satisfyingly fit for purpose for long trail rides. They say that perfection is achieved when you get a product down to the essentials, and the Uphill 12 LW is a lesson in getting rid of the superfluous and maximizing weight reduction. Building on VAUDE’s years of experience, the backpack packs a real punch in terms of performance, with the DI.A test team praising its stability while riding and the twelve-litre backpack’s great ventilation. Built primarily from a 40D Rip Stop material, the backpack still has an aura of durability despite its minimal size. Plus, like all VAUDE’s products, it’s sustainably produced, so it isn’t just doing a favour to your back, but also to the environment – surely that’s worth an award!

Weight: 365 g | Price: € 75