All Winner 2021 Equipment (Road)

Wahoo Fitness The Sufferfest

Wahoo’s Sufferfest is an all-encompassing personal trainer for individual endurance training. Whether it’s bike workouts, mental strength, yoga,
strength training, multisport or running workouts, The Sufferfest bundles everything in one place with one subscription. With the unique 4DP
performance analysis defining the mayor fitness parameters, every rider is classed as a certain type/physiology. Based on this test, you have a
choice of specific training plans which focus on building on your strengths further and tackling your weaknesses in a targeted manner. That facilitates a tailored training program for everyone from beginners to ambitious hobby racers and is the perfect starting point for professional, targeted training with different levels of difficulty. That’s complemented by entertaining videos to help maintain motivation and offer a healthy dose of fun during your training sessions.

Price: starting at 15 € / month or 129 € / year