All Winner 2019 Equipment (Road)

WEOUTDOOR TPNA Ingravity bib shorts

WEOUTDOOR, known as a premium bicycle clothing label, is causing a sensation with the TPNA Ingravity bib shorts. This “seamless garment” is the result of a technologic fabric plus an innovative cutting. We say “seamless” because the cutting is composed only by 2 fabric pieces, so it needs a single seam to connect the main part of the bib shorts. That allows the compression of the fabric to work entirely for a better result.
Due to that seamless concept, they’re very comfortable to wear despite the tight fit. The innovative ending cuff with rubber threads woven integrated makes again disappear the old-style leg seam. To give the designers even more creative freedom, the entire fabric of the bibs can be supplemented, taking the topic of integration to innovative bicycle clothing – an absolutely promising concept for the future! However, they hope to be able to launch the full dyed black with the same fabric during 2019. These bib shorts are available on a first small stock on their web, but a Kickstarter project will be launched by the end of February.

Weight: 186 g (Size S) | Price: € 149.90