All Winner 2017 Road Bikes

Whyte Wessex

British brand Whyte’s latest endurance bike, the Wessex, is the very definition of an all-conditions road bike. The sculpted, modern carbon fibre frame champions a racing pedigree, while the 30 mm tires, hydraulic brakes, 2 x 11-speed drivetrain, and space for mudguards highlight the Wessex’s year-round potential. With a muscular frame, the Whyte Wessex accelerates with the vigour of a race bike, dominating punchy climbs, while simultaneously being comfortable enough for day-long epics on the roughest country roads. The long wheelbase adds stability on white-knuckle descents, while the wide-stance fork ensures precise handling. The Whyte Wessex is perfect for the enthusiast who demands performance whatever the weather, from arduous winter chain gangs to crushing summer sportives.

Weight: 8.76 kg | Price: € 2,599