Equipment (Offroad)


The most exacting kids’ helmet on the market, the woom is a prime example of how to tailor for a target market. Featuring a host of smart design cues, the woom comes in three sizes, tailored in both dimension and form to fit natural growth over the age groups. With an obvious directional orientation, there’s safe, considered coverage with a good depth to the helmet. The innovative rubber visor is testament to the intensity with which woom have connected to the target market: not just cool-looking, it also works to counter impact forces and prevent nose bleeds and scarring in the event of a crash. The reasoning behind it makes full sense: young kids haven’t yet developed the reflexes to turn their head while crashing, or to raise their arms for protection. Showing great sensitivity from the team, this blends with the reflective accents to further improve children’s safety. The anti-twist chinstrap is another wise design element, working with a magnetic closure so even the youngest riders can quickly learn the art of putting their helmet on – in this case, they’ll even relish it!

Weight: 323 g | Price: € 60