All Winner 2020 Mountain Bikes

woom OFF 5

The woom OFF is a stylish and light mountain bike for children. The spec and frame are optimized for 6- to 14-year-olds, an age at which ergonomic components and low overall weight are essential. No one knows better than woom how to build kids’ bikes: adjustable brake-lever reach, short cranks, adapted gear ratio, robust aluminium frames and a low-maintenance, simple drivetrain. The low weight, optimised geometry and thin grips combined with the necessary flex in the handlebars ensure good handling. The design is simple and cool, the workmanship of high quality. The woom OFF is available in three different sizes, each of which is adapted to a certain age or height and with different wheel sizes. According to woom, their bikes will accommodate up to four years of child growth. The price tag is very attractive too.

Weight: 8.65 kg (Size 5/24”) | Price: € 749