All Winner 2021 E-Mountainbikes

Woom UP 6

Woom put child-friendly eMTBing first! The woom UP is the prime example for ergonomic and quality kids’ bikes, making fun rides with the rest of the family on flow and singletrails possible. With the off-road worthy and child-friendly spec, the kids’ bike experts from Klosterneuburg near Vienna demonstrate they know what the next generation of bikers need. The lightweight Fazua motor provides natural support to your kids. Parents maintain full control and can adjust the motor assistance and regulate its maximum speed according to their preference. If the motor isn’t required, the 3.3 kg battery and drive unit can be removed in a few steps, saving weight! Great if your little ones also want to ride without assistance. Attention is also given to the requirement of parents. Once your kid has grown out of the woom Up, woom will take the bike back to be reused, while parents will get 40% off the price of the next woom. It’s clear to the jury that woom Up bikes are the best-quality kids’ ebikes that you can buy.

Price: € 2,990 | Weight: 16.82 kg