All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes

Yeti SB5.5c

Purely based on its striking, organic-looking design and matte finish, the Yeti SB5.5c demands recognition. But this beauty is more than skin deep, and the SB5.5c also brings an awesome ride to the trails. Relying on the EWS-dominating Switch Infinity Link technology at the rear, this bike has never even heard of pedal bob, but could write an encyclopaedia about efficiency. It might only have 140 mm of rear travel, but it uses every millimeter to maximum effect, seeing it unfazed by hits of all sizes. Whatever your plans for the SB5.5c, it’ll have your back, whether it’s on enduro races, trail loops, or epic adventures in the mountains. It handles superbly, tracks with precision, and wows you with agility and smoothness at any speed.

Weight: 13.38 kg | Price: € 8,499