All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes


Before it even hit the shelves, the YT JEFFSY had stirred up a storm in the industry, with a pre-launch marketing campaign that proved a stroke of genius. The JEFFSY fortunately delivers on all of its promises. A super agile 29er with all of the classic YT genes, the JEFFSY brings the ultimate in aesthetics and ride characteristics to complement YT’s current portfolio. This bike has the capacity to draw in trail bikers en masse, especially those looking for efficiency and potency in one badass bike. Its sleek silhouette and big wheels are great bed partners. It’s not a bike for rolling round corners; it’s one for pushing hard and drifting – mainly thanks to the brilliant riding position. Such fun and agile 29ers are not a common occurrence, so the JEFFSY is raising the bar. Rock’n’roll and good times ahead!

Weight: 12.46 kg | Price: € 4,499