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Until now, turbo training has never been considered enjoyable – but California-based Zwift have an answer that will make visits to the pain cave a lot more fun. Their new software links seamlessly with your turbo trainer, placing you inside an immersive, detailed 3D world where you can race with other riders to measure your performance in a fun and competitive environment. The carefully rendered 3D landscape is rich in real-time statistics, allowing you to improve your performance in a scenario that mirrors a real-world race. Zwift is compatible with a wide range of both smart and classic trainers, and is compatible with all ANT+ power meters. The lifelike graphics and clever social interactions help to keep you motivated, even as your legs are turning to jelly.

Zwift can be controlled from a smartphone app, allowing you to enjoy the game, and also check in to see who has been riding while you have been away. Working with a compatible trainer, the Premium version of the game will change the resistance electronically based on the road’s gradient for the most immersive experience possible. With their new software Zwift have created a revolution, embracing the best of gaming technology and fusing it with fitness analysis to transform the lonely pursuit of indoor training into a fun, social experience.

Price: 10$/Month